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Approach and strategy

Approach and strategy

 The approach of the scheme shall be :

a)    To spread awareness through social networking.

b)    Maintenance of accessible website, etc.

c)    Conducting seminars, workshops, cultural activities, fairs, exhibitions etc. either directly or through socially active groups /organizations.

d)    Participation in national and international initiatives in the field of disability.

e)    Conducting studies, surveys, enumeration and evaluation programmes on the special needs of PwDs including availability of technology, assistive aids and appliances etc.

f)     Coordinating and consolidating efforts made in the field by different departments, organizations.

g)    Financial assistance to self-help groups, parents’ organizations etc. working for development of ‘social good’ and ‘community welfare’.

h)    To support activities like showing of programmes exclusively prepared and performed by PwDs on TV, by bearing the cost involved on honoraria to performers, boarding, lodging and transportation and payments due to the electronic media

i)      Organizing special events, Celebration of special days etc.

j)      Lack of co-ordination between different service providers in the fields of health education, housing and equipments undermines their effectiveness.  Ministries of Health, Education, Labour and Rural Development are also doing some work in the field of disability.  For successful implementation of all such initiatives, an Inter-Ministerial Committee which may co-ordinate across organizations to improve distribution of services and referral system, promote joint ventures, joint negotiations, sharing knowledge and expertise, sharing specialist educator, and disseminating system may be setup under the Department.

k)     Panchayati Raj Institution may be involved wherever expedient.

l)      To support awareness campaign for skill development & employment generation for PwDs including job fairs.

m)   To support spreading awareness about universal accessibility by  creating an enabling and  barrier-free environment  that include  accessible buildings, accessible          transport, accessible websites  and  carrying out accessibility  audit.

n)    To promote individual excellence   in the field of disability sector.

o)    To promote relevant activity/activities relating to creating awareness in the field of disability sector.

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